jeudi 21 mai 2015

#OOMHR Hosted by @theadman40 W/ filmmaker @EmilieFlory & Actress Melissa Jaffer from #MadMaxFuryRoad

#RadioShow #OutOfMyHeadRadio

ITWS by Adam Ginsberg @theadman40

ITWS with french filmmaker @EmilieFlory #TraumaDolls
& Actress Melissa Jaffer from #MadMaxFuryRoad
The May 16 episode of Out of My Head Radio is now ready for instant streaming/download. Please share and thank you for listening to the show. Click Here:

Tune in to Out of My Head Radio for an eclectic mix of interviews, music and adult entertainment that just may leave you in tears, We're talking aliens, foreign films AND what it was like to work on Mad Max Fury Road, with an actress who was there for it all. Buckle up buttercup, this shit's about to get real...  
Interviews with:
Author / Speaker - Sid Prince
French Filmmaker - Emilie Flory
Actress - Melissa Jaffer from Mad Max: Fury Road
This episode features music from:
Doors in The Labyrinth, CLEPSYDRA, DEKAD,
Eversin, James Rooney,  Malka,  JOLLY 05:03 - 17 mai 2015 · Détails

ADAM GINSBERG @theadman40

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