mercredi 12 août 2015

#TraumaDolls Fiction “FLATLINE” by Keeper of the Quill @RiversofGrue

#TraumaDolls Fiction “FLATLINE”
By Keeper of the Crimson Quill @RiversofGrue #Grueheads
A creative collaboration between Emilie Flory and Keeper of The Crimson Quill
“These words were the only ones which Bijou remembered. The neurosurgeon, one of the most decorated in the business, had worked tirelessly to keep her alive after it had looked as though she would succumb to the extensive injuries after her tragic accident. The last few hours had been critical, touch and go for the fallen professional dancer, and it had appeared that the surgeon’s best efforts were to be in vain. However, there was something else responsible for her plucky resistance; a passion not for life but for something far more sinister had kept her heart beating in her chest.
It is widely endorsed that every near-death experience is bathed in a celestial white light but, for Bijou, nothing could be farther than accurate. Her enlightenment was far more grave; tenebrous darkness was all that she could discern as she battled for control of her wantaway soul. However, for as much as her choice appeared unappetizing, the notion of an eternity in swirling limbo was far more distressing. Sometimes, the devil we know is not preferable, whereas the blackened passageway before her at least offered some kind of alternative.”…

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