jeudi 6 octobre 2016

#Starfucker An Adult Horror Movie with an Edge! by @TheDarcWorX

An Adult Horror Movie with an Edge !
by Douglas S. Taylor  @TheDarcWorX

This is not a movie mock-up poster that I created. No, this is the real thing. Don’t want to believe it?
Please check out the 16th Shriekfest 2016 show. Yes folks, via Shriekfest catch a Blu-ray Version of this beautifully edgy short movie. Shot on location in France, Emilie draws you right into a very dark world very quickly. Sound, cinematography, and the cast is all top-notch. The editing crew – spot on!
After all, I should know. I have already seen the 1080i on my unforgiving 27” HDMI monitor that would spot anything amiss. There is nothing awry and this short movie is like a large-caliber bullet hitting your skull and shredding your brain within.
I am “spoiler-free” and you good folks will need to see this movie for yourselves!
However, I will tell you that a full-blown full-length movie is being put together in pre-production with a team of highly talented screenwriters very excited as well as gifted taking the reigns in writing. Richard Charles Stevens is co-producer along with myself. However, there are plenty of opportunities for anyone in marketing, distribution, and always room for those producers to aid in making this an International Phenomenon!
Look, let me tell you wonderful “darc” folks the real deal. This movie, this Independent Production is just going to happen and the only thing you’ll be wishing while kicking rocks walking down the road of, “Only If…” Street and on the corner of, “I Should ‘a” Boulevard.
“I should have gotten in when I had the chance…”
You will be saying just that!

As for myself, working with International and beyond boundaries had its moments for me in this project. Personally, to be perfectly honest, I had some reservations as to the name of the movie, and me being involved. I support my friends in their endeavors any way shape or form. After seeing the short movie, I was stunned. I had to watch it ten more times and again with my wife, Laura.
From that point on, there was no turning back of the challenge of creating a spectacular graphic movie poster layout that, like Emilie Flory, and Icone Labels are not some cookie-cutout Hollywood production. As you can clearly see by the Blu-ray jacketed cover, the Bus Stop full image, and this simplified billboard, well, it isn’t anything “Hollywood” about it.
This movie deserves nothing but the best and trust me, there is nothing but the best working in this project.

Nevertheless, this project, and my involvement at Team “DarcWorx” has been so far, most exciting. If you live in America and you are close by Shriekfest – Go to it and have a blast and tell them, DarcWorX sent you.
I am providing links below for more information that I have discussed with you all today!

#Starfucker An Adult Horror Movie with an Edge! @TheDarcWorX tells you the real deal:
                            SCREENING OCT 8TH @Shriekfest

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