lundi 22 juillet 2019

Kent Steine - Deluxe Art Book is now available to read on @issuu !

#CreatorsUnite Magazine brings you 

The Xtrem Collection 02: A Deluxe Art Book 

by @KentSteine Available to read on @issuu

A glamour illustrator, in the style of the great artists who sketched and painted the silent film stars of the twenties, Kent Steine has a fascination with B-movie queens. In his “Hollywood Glamour” series of limited-edition lithographs are scream queens Jewell Shepard, Brinke Stevens, Monique Gabrielle and Delia Sheppard. Kent Steine is the only artist in America doing this. He is also the artist who brings B-movie actresses to fame.
From Joe Bob Brigg’s Grapevine

Kent has been an illustrator and writer for more than 35 years. As a longtime freelance artist, his work has been widely published in numerous venues, covering a variety of genres and generally of the pop-culture subjected theme with some emphasis on horror and sf. The list includes advertising art, 40+ magazine covers, background art and Spfx for animation, conceptual and sequential art for comics and film, author of three best-selling books, and a contributing writer for publications such as Step-By-Step Graphics magazine, Illustration and AirBrush Talk. He has presented seminars on various subjects, from the history of American Illustration Art, to applying high definition theatrical makeup. Among a few award-winning designs, Kent Steine also won the Award of Excellence winner at the 1990 Communications Concept Design Competition in Washington D.C. 

There are very few artists like Kent Steine
Kent Steine’s work is a work of incredible intensity. We had offered him a far too brief tribute in Creators Unite Magazine 07: The Art Issue, and we decided to bring you here a retrospective of his most famous works to make you dream more, dream hard, without limits.

This second book of the Xtreme Collection offers you to discover therefore 3 series of handpicked works by Kent Steine. The first series of his works is devoted to his “Hollywood Glamour” illustrations, the second series to his “Pin-up” paintings and the third one to his works inspired by the “Pop Culture”.
Enter Kent Steine’s world, watch, dream, it is truly unique

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