Chris Barnes

Chris Barnes

A regular contributor to Creators Unite Magazine, Chris Barnes is the co-founder, owner, and editor of The Slaughtered Bird; a proud promoter of independent cinema across the world.

Establishing itself as one of the leading indie websites in the UK, The Slaughtered Bird has sponsored and attended some of the UK’s biggest and best conventions & festivals and interviewed & hung out with some of the biggest names in the genre.

In 2016, The Slaughtered Bird produced BURN -- a short psychological horror, written by Chris. Burn won Best Short Film at Popcorn Horror Festival 2017, Best Horror Short Film at the Shriekfest, and has attained honourable mentions from several more leading festivals worldwide.

In an increasingly panicked part of England, local disappearances have become nationwide news. Expectant couple Peter and Louise Vaubarn watch the media's coverage of recent events in both fascination and fear - their first child, Charlie, will soon be born amid the mass hysteria.
With Pete's fragile health in the balance, his means of providing fatherly advice to his unborn son are limited, but will shape the family's life forever.
Twitter: @BurnShortFilm
Burn (2016)

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