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Limited edition prints of 150 copies of
Creators Unite Magazine 06 The Flesh and Blood Issue [Uncensored]
are now available for purchase!
Get your hard copy of our breakthrough edition:

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KENT STEINE Deluxe Art Book 
#CreatorsUnite Magazine brings you The Xtrem Collection 02: A Deluxe Art Book by @KentSteine Available to read on @issuu #Enjoy It is truly Unique!

by Christopher Zisi
The Xtrem Collection by #CreatorsUnite brings you The Himalayan Devil Woman by Christopher Zisi
Choppy, graphic, a bit uneven The Himalayan Devil Woman is written like an exploitation tale from 1972 drive-in movie theaters. Enjoy:

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The Ghosts of Brisbane
by Christopher Zisi
Limited edition prints of 180 copies of The Ghosts of Brisbane are now available for purchase!
Limited Edition Print of 180
Amount of Pages: 164 pages
Size: Medium (21x21cm)
Color: Full Color

Category: 18+ 

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Also available The Ghosts of Brisbane soft cover version

Matte Magazine (Soft Cover) | Limited Edition of 120 copies Price: 39$98 | Publisher: CreatorsUnite - The Xtrem Collection 

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