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60 SECONDS TO DIE Horror Anthology Coming December 5th

Horror Anthology Coming December 5th
60 Seconds to Die  
The British horror anthology compilation 
released on DVD by Sector 5 Films on December 5, 2017.

60 Seconds to Die is a non-stop, heart-pounding horror anthology, uniting the most amazing new filmmakers from across the globe to create a new dimension in terror. Modern day video grindhouse, in the style of the most shocking and gritty movies of the 70’s, 60 Seconds to Die will grind you up and spit you out. Thrill to tales of bizarre and heinous crimes, many of which are too real to believe, but believe you should, as these graphic depictions of death and murder are based on real life occurrences. 60 Seconds to Die is the new face of horror, bringing together a collective vision of modern horror to light the fuel for a nightmarish bonfire.

Check out the list of people involved with the film by

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STARFUCKER's European premiere at @TripleSixHorror


STARFUCKER’S European Premiere
at @TripleSixHorror Festival in MCR
Introduced by Producer @MarionBerdoati 

BLOODY FLICKS it was very stylish and very giallo, bring on Ravish!

#RAVISH the Enticing Giallo In Development W/ VESTRA PICTURES @TonyNewton1 @RiversofGrue

Stalked by an obsessed fan, a provocative pop star plunges back into the traumas of her past to free herself, unaware that they’ve already driven her crazy.

Ravish speaks of self-acceptance; acceptance of our dark part... Sloan Vicious represses her monstrosity until she is forced to deal with it. 


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Starfucker set for European #premiere at @TripleSixHorror

Starfucker set for European #premiere 
at the @TripleSixHorror

The Triple Six Horror Film Festival 2017 announces its full line-up for May 27th and 28th at AMC Manchester.
Triple Six is a new international film festival that aims to celebrate everything that is great in new independent horror filmmaking. Showing 9 features and 12 shorts over two days at the AMC cinema complex in Manchester, Triple Six has films from around the world while also having a British backbone throughout.

The Triple Six Horror Fest announces
2017 line-up! TICKETS NOW ON SALE!

The Triple Six Film Festival is the brainchild of Andy Deen, owner of UK Horror Scene, and Chris Barnes, owner of 
We decided there was a need and a passion for a new horror film festival in Northern England.
After months of planning we have partnered up with AMC 
in Manchester and our debut festival will be on May 27th 
& 28th, 2017, over the bank holiday weekend!
Set in the iconic Great Northern Warehouse in Manchester, AMC is a 16-screen, state of the art cinema complex and 
we will be taking over one of the screens for two days 
to bring the best in independent horror and much more. Manchester is the beating heart of Northern England 
with amazing shops, restaurants, numerous cultural 
and historical buildings and areas.
Our aim at Triple Six is to highlight the amazing talent across the horror genre and over the two days we will be showing 
9 feature films and 9 short films. On top of that we will have special guests, Q&As, an after-festival party and much more.

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Some men like to feel in control.
Some men haven’t met Sloan Vicious.

Texte Français à la fin de l’article

Based on Starfucker*, a segment of the horror anthology 60 Seconds to Die, Ravish is a modern Giallo that will draw you straight into a seductive deep dark world that will not leave you unscathed.

*Official Selection at the HollyShorts, the Shriekfest & the Triple Six Horror


The original idea is based on the true story of Sloan Vicious (who appeared for the first time on the big screen in Starfucker). Sloan Vicious is the darling daughter of a famous opera singer murdered by a paranoid psychopath. She made her way up the social ladder through her hard work and the support of a music producer who fell under her spell. The man, an enigmatic tyrant, turned her into an idol then died under mysterious circumstances.

Stalked by an obsessed fan, a provocative pop star plunges back into the traumas of her past to free herself unaware that they’ve already driven her crazy.

Ravish is currently in development in association with Vestra Pictures.  Tony Newton, Kerry Newton, Richard Charles Stevens and Emilie Flory, the creators of the project, are looking for producers, investors, contributors but also supporters and talents (production staff, shooting crew, art department etc.) to help them to produce the movie.

To help this movie being made, you can donate.

If you donate 1000$ or more you will have a reward: being mentioned as one of the producers of the movie.


The project is also looking for gifted people who would give their time and talent in exchange of a percentage on the movie.

Excerpt of the DarcWorx’s November Issue 2016:

“… A full-blown full-length movie is being put together in pre-production with a team of highly talented screenwriters very excited as well as gifted taking the reigns in writing. This movie, this Independent Production is just going to happen and there are plenty of opportunities for anyone in marketing, distribution, and always room for those producers to aid in making this an International Phenomenon!...”

This movie deserves nothing but the best and trust me, there is nothing but the best working in this project.


Inspiré de Starfucker*, segment de l’anthologie 60 Seconds to Die, Ravish est un thriller horrifique classieux qui vous entrainera dans un univers profondément noir et séduisant dont vous ne sortirez pas indemne.

*Sélection Officielle au HollyShorts et au Shriekfest 2016

L’idée originale prend sa source dans la véritable histoire de Sloan Vicious, révélée pour la première fois sur grand écran dans Starfucker. Sloan Vicious est l’enfant chérie d’une célèbre cantatrice assassinée par un fou paranoïaque. Elle s’est élevée dans l’échelle sociale grâce à son travail acharné et au soutien d’un producteur de musique tombé sous son charme. L’homme, un despote énigmatique, la propulsa tout en haut de l’affiche avant de décéder dans de mystérieuses conditions.

Harcelée par un fan obsédé, une pop star provocante replonge dans les traumatismes de son passé pour s’en libérer, sans voir que ceux-ci l’ont déjà rendue folle.

Ravish est actuellement en développement en association avec Vestra Pictures. Tony Newton, Kerry Newton, Richard Charles Stevens et Emilie Flory, les créateurs du projet, recherchent des producteurs, des investisseurs, des contributeurs mais aussi des collaborateurs et des talents (équipes techniques, artistiques et de production etc.) pour les aider à produire le film.

Pour soutenir ce projet et aider le film à se tourner vous pouvez contribuer à le financer :

En faisant un don de 1000$ ou plus vous bénéficierez d’une contrepartie en étant mentionné comme producteur du film.

Le projet est également à la recherche de personnes expérimentées désireuses d’apporter leur temps et leurs compétences en échange d’un pourcentage sur le film.