The Collective


Founded by Emilie Flory, the non-profit-making association Icone Label supports the collective of creators Icone Label Pictures. Icone Label assists the Collective in the creation and development of its work but also helps by promoting its projects, researching investors, contributors, talents and supporters.

Créée par Emilie Flory, l’association à but non lucratif Icone Label soutient le collectif de créateurs Icone Label Pictures. Elle l’accompagne dans la création et le développement de ses projets, l’assiste par la promotion, la diffusion, la récolte de dons, la recherche d’investisseurs, de talents, de créateurs et de collaborateurs.


DC Deever
Editor-in-Chief & Publisher of Creators Unite Magazine, DC Deever is the original mind behind Creators Unite and a part of Icone Label (ILAB Press). Although she’d rather stay in the shadows and let the network rule the magazine, she is the mastermind and main advisor for the Creators Unite Magazine project, giving all the keys to how to make this work journalistically.

Emilie Flory
Creative director of DC Deever’s Creators Unite Magazine & associate producer of the Movie 60 Seconds to Die with Tony & Kerry Newton, Emilie Flory is an award-winning screenwriter director. She wrote and directed Processus 5, a 10-minute futuristic short movie shot on 35mm that was critically acclaimed and screened at the Holly Shorts Monthly Screenings in Los Angeles. Her teaser trailer of Trauma Dolls was an official selection at the HollyShorts Film Festival as well as the supershort Starfucker that won the Silver Award at the Hollywood Independent Filmmaker Awards and Festival. She is currently developing Ravish, the feature length film based on Starfucker, and the slasher horror Trauma Dolls, a semi-finalist at the Shriekfest Screenplay Competition in 2013 & finalist at the Fright Night Film Fest 2014.

Tony Newton & Kerry Newton
Born in Cambridge, Tony Newton is the CEO of Vestra Pictures LTD and the co-owner of Body Bag Films. Writer/Director/Producer/Actor and all-round fan of the macabre, Tony Newton has always been obsessed with films. He has worked behind the scenes on films, scriptwriting, editing, branding and tagline creation. Most well known for Grindsploitation, Virus of the Dead and Grindsploitation 2: The Lost Reels, Tony is the producer of the Horror anthology 60 Seconds to Die. In addition, he is the author of many books including “The Zombie Rule Book: A Zombie Apocalypse Survival Guide” and the upcoming novel "I'm Zombie" published by Cosmic Egg Books.

Roy Bheer
Editor in Chief of SHOCKING MAG and HARDCORE MAGAZINE (PRINT MAG on Newsstands. Outlet since 2015!), Roy Bheer is also the editor of DC Deever’s Creators Unite Magazine. Introduced to dance music in the late 1980’s with legends such as RibbNtrop & Blaise, he was asked to work as an A&R scout for Sugar Boy in NYC and in 1996 started his own sub-label called Hard-On. Prolific DJ & producer he pushes boundaries with his DJ sets and ongoing production projects in Manchester, UK.

Chantal Laura Handley
Born and raised in England, Chantal Laura Handley is an Australian surf artist who creates horror and pop culture portraits using traditional pastels from her studio in Australia. Visit her website or her Etsy shop and follow her on Twitter and Patreon.

Christopher Zisi
Christopher Zisi is an American horror writer from Fredericksburg, Virginia.  In 2013 he created the blog Zisi Emporium for B Movies which showcases his thoughts and witticisms of horror, exploitation, and science fiction films. To date, over 800 films have been reviewed on this blog. Mr. Zisi has published four books which include compilations of his reviews and one of his own horror poetryBefore writing about horror full time, Christopher Zisi was a Special Agent for the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Omar “HorrO” Usman / Partner

"Born a horror fan from Elm Street, slashers have always been my favorite movies. My urge to write about horror became too much to ignore after watching “The Strangers.” In 2009, I began reviewing movies at my blog HorrO’s Gory Reviews, where I discovered there was a lot more to horror than just the movies. Creators of horror were looking for a place to share their work, so I filled that void with in 2011. Since then, I’ve done hundreds of promotions supporting horror movies, books, websites, podcasts, festivals and a whole lot more. No matter what I do, I’m always looking for new and bigger ways to Spread the Horror!" 

Omar "HorrO" Usman