mardi 23 avril 2019


by Christopher Zisi


The wonderful world of exploitation!
In that particular world stewardesses were still attractive, and fiendish mad-scientists posed real threats to the good people of Planet Earth. Diving into that world has been loads of fun and coupled with my travels through Asia (and Europe), my artistic juices produced The Himalayan Devil Woman

Born out of the 1970s, the drive-in style of exploitation may be slightly prophetic. In 2019 males seem to be losing their masculinity and women are losing their femininity. As political movements seem to be driving a stake between the two sexes, the relationships between the two are dying. Men are scared to death to date women, especially in college, and women are led to believe all men are pigs. Definitions of rape and harassment have been expanded to include fore-play and dating and the two sexes have no clue about how to approach each other. With a decreasing familiarity between the two sexes, mad-scientists and female vixens will give us a world where every beauty is an international assassin and every hunk is either a rapist or a mad-scientist. Perhaps in a figurative sense we are already there…

No one in this novel is real… at least not yet. Morality and compassion are thrown out the window in favor of carnage and world domination. Bleak? Maybe. Audiences in the 1970s flocked to these exploitation films because they fulfilled a secret fantasy inside them. Women were dangerous and used sex to advance their goals. Initially, critics termed these films as misogyny and governments held hearings wondering if they should be banned. Time is a great elixir and as the new century rolled in, these films were suddenly seen as feminist anthems. Women empowered! All of a sudden woman were in control and used sex, not as a submissive duty, but as a weapon to weaken their male partners…

In a little while you will meet the Himalayan devil woman. Shortly after that you will meet a sultry Chinese assassin. Then several beauty pageant damsels will show a hidden side of their psyches. Mad scientists will abound and a jaunt across the globe will be the setting. Enjoy…