Trauma Dolls

Is a glamour slasher that takes place in the worlds of fashion and neuroscience in Paris.

GENRE: Horror  
LOGLINE: After a tragic event results in a close brush with death, Bijou, a brilliant girl who’s constantly rejected, is going to change into her darkest self and suddenly become a major player.
NOTE: Trauma Dolls is a frightening and impulsive trip, a morbid immersion in a stark and sensual phantasmagorical world. Glamour, fantasy, sex, violence, murders and blood are Trauma Dolls’ ingredients.
LANGUAGE / CAST : The movie will be shot in English with American and British actors. It has yet to be cast, including the lead role.
LOCATION: Paris – the fashion capital sells very well on the international market, but the movie can be shot anywhere.
BUDGET: Low budget -See additional material (press kit)

AWARDS: The movie’s screenplay reached the semi-finals at Shriekfest 2013 and the finals at the Frightnight Film Fest (Fandom Fest 2014). Plus, the Trauma Dolls’ trailer was an official selection at the HollyShorts film festival  2014.

-Screenplay by Emilie Flory: English version by Cameron Watson
-Press Kit & Budget
-Artistic Package: Character bios, production design, hair/makeup, FX makeup, choreography, storyboard…

Icone Label Pictures is a collective of creators, a label: We’re not producers. The casting of Trauma Dolls still remains to be done, whether it’s for Bijou’s character, for her mother’s (a neuroscience researcher), or for the characters of the surgeon and the photographer sweetheart, but also for the dancers and the rival models’ characters. We have put together a complete press kit with the budget, etc. that explains all of that. Producers interested in the project can get it by contacting us.

Trauma Dolls is a low-budget movie. You will find on the Blog great articles by Keeper of the Quill, Alisha Bunting, Wicked Horror TV and Malevolent… explaining why Trauma Dolls is a movie that must be made



Trauma Dolls Teaser Trailer


Emilie Flory on Her Upcoming Film Trauma Dolls

ITW by Malevolent Magazine

Emilie Flory and her Genre-Bending #TraumaDolls
By Shirin “Shiver” Hijab 
from Alisha Bunting’s @SplatsOfBlood

Emilie Flory is becoming something of an underground icon. Her upcoming project “ Trauma Dolls”, about a woman named Bijou who suffers a horrible accident and becomes a fashion model with murderous intent, may propel her into the radar of horror fans in the US and abroad...

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