jeudi 15 septembre 2016

#Starfucker is an official selection at the @Shriekfest

is an official selection at the
@Shriekfest Film Festival 2016

The screening of Starfucker will be at
2PM ON SAT OCT 8TH at the Raleigh Studio
Raleigh's address: 5300 Melrose Ave Hollywood, CA

Get your tickets :


SUBJECT: A pop star with stunning sex appeal is the prey of a secret admirer who’s stalking her.

GENRE: Horror / Giallo  RATING: R

STORY: An up and coming pop star who has just finished a gig and gets ready to meet her lover is about to take a bath while a killer peeping tom looks on…
But the prey is not always who we think she is: Because the provocative Valtesse harbors a deep, dark secret.

Starfucker is a segment of 60 Seconds to Die, a horror movie made up of sketches produced by Tony Newton.
Associate Producers: Kerry Newton, Dan Brownlie, Emilie Flory & Richard Charles Stevens.
60 Seconds to Die
The official trailer for the upcoming film "60 Seconds to Die"
That will be released soon from Alchemy Werks/Sector 5 Films.

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