vendredi 19 juin 2020

Experience ABILENE by Christopher Zisi

A love story transcending time, morals & worldly justice
by Christopher Zisi

Experience ABILENE by Christopher Zisi
[Revised Edition] Published by Creators Unite

Captured and imprisoned by corrupt world organizations, Suyin Wong is slated for rape, torture, and execution. She manages a deadly escape, then, finds herself in the American heartland.

Her freedom is short-lived; a misogynistic brute of an Interpol agent re-captures her for enslavement and BDSM torture. The brute rapes, whips, and hogties the nude and sultry assassin.
As Suyin Wong schemes to escape, her beauty pageant devotees also set their sights on America to rescue her…
#XtremCollection #04 #CreatorsUnite #Erotic #Military #Abilene #Book #Illustrations #Horror #Exploitation
 不要错过阿比林(Abilene),克里斯托弗·齐西(Christopher Zisi)的第一本非常受欢迎小说的续集《王淑英的束缚》。既有色情,又有肌肉男……,会让你感觉纯粹的愉悦。

Limited edition prints of Abilene
are now available for purchase!
THE XTREM COLLECTION 04 by #Creators Unite
Abilene Soft Cover Book $40.88
Limited Edition Prints of 120
Amount of Pages: 188 pages
Size: Medium (21x21cm)
Color: Full Color
Category: 18+

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THE XTREM COLLECTION 04 by #Creators Unite
Limited Edition Prints of 80
Amount of Pages: 188 pages
Size: Medium (21x21cm)
Color: Full Color
Category: 18+

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mardi 21 janvier 2020


#CreatorsUnite #8 The Fashion issue Feat. Karine Yijing Gao高一景 is available to read on @issuu
《创联》(最具创造力与反主流文化)杂志,推出了新一期的时尚杂志(第八期)介绍年轻时尚设计师高一景(karine Gao),她的作品会让大家惊叹不已,内容涉及对设计师的访谈,设计师作品的照片,视频,论谈以及设计师的时装秀,希望能给大家带来无限的惊喜!希望大家喜欢!

Creators Unite, the best creative and counter-culture magazine, brings you The Fashion Issue featuring the amazing Karine Yijing Gao 高一景
Issue 08 includes interviews, photos, videos, reviews plus Karine’s look book & fashion show. 

Also featured in this issue: Metal/Punk Singer Christophe Murdock, Graphic Designers Defasten and Elizabeth Wright, Performer Viktoria Modesta, Visual Artists Eleanor Fawcett & Marcus Kreiss, Make-up Artist Justin Fears, Illustrators & Painters Carl Erickson, Chantal Handley and Dustin Siegwarth, Writers Tony Newton, Christopher Zisi, Kent Steine and Azzura Nox, Directors Monica Menez, Helmi, Lluis Panades Julia, Yoonha Park and Sarah Chatfield, Photographers Marisa Howenstine, Maki Yin & Ruyi Lin, and much more…
Limited Edition Prints are also available on @peecho 
$36.07 | 238 Pages | Limited edition of 150