mercredi 30 septembre 2020

The ART ISSUE #7 Matte Magazine (Soft Cover) available for purchase

 Now Available for purchase:

The ART ISSUE #7 Matte Magazine (Soft Cover)

Feat.Tin-Tin, Philippe Decouflé, JR, Viktoria Modesta, Tony Newton, Levinsky, Mimi Choi, Christopher Zisi, Chantal Handley, Jim Towns, Stereoclip, Greg Kozo, Christian Hogarth, Thylacine, Tommy Jacob, Nick Younker, Pierre Châtel-Innocenti and much more… Print PDF book

Limited Edition of 150 copies #Creators Unite
Matte Magazine (Soft Cover)
Price: $37.25
Size: Small (15 x 15 cm)  Square Format
Amount of Pages: 212 pages 
Color: Full Color
Published by Creators Unite | ILAB PRESS