mardi 8 mars 2016

@60secondstodie Full of Familiar Faces by @SplatsOfBlood

60 Seconds to Die Full of Familiar Faces
 A Review by Alisha Bunting 


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Horror anthology 60 Seconds to Die is produced by Tony Newton who is most well known for Grindsploitation, Virus of the Dead and Grindsploitation 2: The Lost Reels. In addition to Tony Newton as producer, there is a small and fantastic handful of associate producers which is full of familiar faces. The associate producers include Kerry Newton, Dan Brownlie, Emilie Flory and Richard Charles Stevens. Many of the producers have a special place in my blood spattered heart. Dan Brownlie was exceptionally supportive and instrumental when Splats of Blood was just starting out. He even provided us with lots of quality content as a guest writer. Another producer we’ve dealt extensively with is Emilie Flory. She is just great! I am a huge fan of her work and again thank her for all of her site wide support.

60 Seconds to Die features 60 up and coming independent Horror filmmakers. 60 Seconds to Die is the epitome of the change we want to see in the Horror community. We want more independent films making their way out there with the help of other like minded individuals. 

We were able to see a short but exciting preview of one of the films featured. Starfucker, written and directed by the talented Emilie Flory. Starfucker gives a glimpse of what’s to come. Starfucker is about a popstar with stunning sex appeal who is the prey of a secret admirer. Directory Flory’s work always contains a thought provoking amount of social commentary which is definitely present in Starfucker.

LOOK OUT for 60 Seconds to Die April 22nd at Legless Corpse Film Festival in Alabama.

For information and updates on the film please visit their facebook