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The #Horror Revolution is underway

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The Horror Anthology 60 Seconds to Die
is looking for Distributors
Tony Newton , producer, writer and director, known for Virus of the Dead (2016) and Grindsploitation (2016) brings with "60 Seconds to Die" the first film of its kind: A feature film with over 60 horror shorts from established and upcoming indie filmmakers from across the globe.
60 Seconds to Die is a fresh approach to the horror anthology and provides a non-stop fast paced thrill ride! With "60 Seconds to Die" we are bridging the gap between online and indie horror films bringing horror to the masses in a format that even the tech generation will be able to turn away from their cellphones for! Each director was challenged to make their short film and were given a word or theme and guidelines that they had to stick to.
Not only was it a fun but it certainly was a challenge! "60 Seconds to Die" showcases a host of very talented filmmakers from across the globe all bringing something very different to the table!

"A Horror Anthology to Die For" A film produced by Tony Newton Associate Producers: Kerry Newton, Dan Brownlie, Emilie Flory & Richard Charles Stevens With 60 seconds to Die they are breaking new ground mixing Horror, Art-house and online elements to a feature film all within 60 seconds!

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Featured Directors: David Bryant, Bryan De Witt, James Eaves, Gary Baxter, Richard Chandler, Luke Ostrowski, Martin Sonntag, Luna Wolf, Michael J. Epstein & Sophia Cacciola, Caleb Emerson, Graham Fletcher-Cook, Chris Gierowski, Edward Payson, Jeremiah Kipp, Ascorvius, Peter Goddard, Tony Newton & Kerry Newton, L.M. Harter, Shawn Burkett, Emilie Flory, Paul Lynch, Adam Ginsberg, Killian H. Gore, Jason Impey, Dipesh Gurung, Shane Ryan, Mike Connors, Sune Rolf Jensen, James Balsamo, Billy Pon, Benjamin James, Matt Adams, Richard Charles Stevens, Nick Box, Luis Mariano Garcia, Pete Yagmin, Brian Weaver, Tom Gore, Brandon Scullion, Paul Michael McAlarney, Hunter Johnson, Paul Wennersberg-Lovholen, Justin Morales, Shawn C. Phillips, Danny Filaccio, Jason Kolucki, Kieran Johnston, Evan Makrogiannis, Mike McKown, Corey Norman, Kelly Hughes, Glenn Berggoetz, Carl Angelo Ruiz, R.J Wilson, Gav Chuckie Steel, Izzy Lee, Ruben Rodriguez, Sam Mason Bell, Laume Conroy, Liam Makrogiannis, Eric Alfonsi, Tom Gore.

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Trauma Dolls Is a glamour slasher that takes place in the worlds of fashion and neuroscience

LOGLINE: After a tragic event results in a close brush with death, Bijou, a brilliant girl who’s constantly rejected, is going to change into her darkest self and suddenly become a major player.

NOTE: Trauma Dolls is a frightening and impulsive trip, a morbid immersion in a stark and sensual phantasmagorical world. Glamour, fantasy, sex, violence, murders and blood are Trauma Dolls’ ingredients.

LANGUAGE / CAST: The movie will be shot in English with American and British actors. It has yet to be cast, including the lead role.

LOCATION: Paris – the fashion capital sells very well on the international market, but the movie can be shot anywhere.

BUDGET: Low budget -See additional material (press kit)


Trauma Dolls Teaser Trailer

“…Trauma Dolls is a concept which Emilie has nurtured from its very first seed and currently she is setting the wheels in motion to ensure that it moves on into production very soon. Truth is; she had me at Trauma Dolls. The very first time I heard the title I had an inkling about this particular movie. Upon watching the promotional trailer attached to her IMDB page I began salivating and the slobber has only thickened since I can assure you…Everything about this screams quality and, having now become one of precious few afforded the opportunity of reading Emilie’s breathtaking screenplay, I can confirm that Trauma Dolls is set to come good on its pledge… Emilie’s screenplay hit me on two levels simultaneously. Firstly, no character is superfluous, everyone and thing is necessarily and integral to her plot. I may possess a particularly lurid imagination but it wasn’t required to work hard to visualize each key detail so painstakingly woven into her intricate treatment. At no point did I not have a clear mental image of every solitary scene and development as it played out on the page. Secondly, it explores the deepest, darkest recesses of the human mind and encourages that we do the exact same thing. This will undoubtedly be an experience which will nestle underneath our skin long after the final credits have rolled. However, it does so without a whiff of pretentiousness, and highlights Emilie’s command of every last one of our senses while telling her tale…” READ MORE:

Producers interested in the project can get the press Kit, budget, screenplay etc. by contacting us: